Toto . . . this sure as heck isn’t New Hampshire

I begin the first of a baker’s dozen Puerto Rico-based posts. I call these Puerto Rico Blog II.  Many of you will, no doubt, refer to them otherwise. 

orchid2We arrived on the Aguadilla red eye (4:20 AM), two days ago. As soon as daylight made its appearance, we began to see familiar people and sites that make this corner of the world so enticing. Marla and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate to live in two fabulous places, the Granite State and the Enchanted Isle. I’ve spent the past nine months talking about the former at this location; so it’s time to redirect my focus. We arrived at the condo where we’ll be staying and immediately smelled, then visualized a small sample of the amazing flowers that adorn the property. I’m no ornamental horticulturalist, but there is something about the sight of pink orchids (pic) that relieves stress like a visual shoulder massage. During our first drive–to obtain food and other essentials–we realized we had company on the road. First, it was a long, bright green, prehistoric appearing iguana. Soon, we saw the first, second , third . . . of many horses that roam the sides of route 115. We smiled knowingly . . . full realization was dawning that we’ve returned to our second home, the one that replaces cold and snow (I used to love that stuff) with warmth and sand. autospeakersDriving along, I was just telling myself that only one thing was missing . . . a sure indicator that this is Rincon, not Rumney. I heard an otherworldly voice, just moments before seeing one of the massive traveling boom boxes that wend along the roads of western Puerto Rico (see pic). This one wasn’t blurting some campaign spiel, nor was it filling the air with a local radio station’s wonderful Latin beat. As we drew closer, Marla translated, her relaxed laughter barely audible above the sound from the huge speakers. It was an advertisement to rent time on the speaker truck. We smiled at one another . . . we’re back!

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One Comment on “Toto . . . this sure as heck isn’t New Hampshire

  1. I know what you mean about the second home. We’ve been renting in Hilton Head for the past few years, this year we’re here for 5 months; longest time ever. We like the weather, January is cold but sunny most days. A lot better than 22 below as it was one night in NH. One can take a stroll around Harbor Town and then relax in the red rocking chairs that adorn the shops and marina frontage. With the sun beating on our faces, we gaze at the passerby’s; the docked yachts, the pelicans, and the occasional dolphin. If it’s not a real windy day, we hop our bikes for a ride on one of the many bike paths directly outside our door. For the most part, Hilton Head, specifically Harbor Town where we stay, is populated by other folks our age; most from the north east. I thought I might get lonely for our little home in New Hampshire or my friends/family; but somehow the daily activity of doing nothing in bright clear weather, seems to help dim that feeling. It’s amazing how quickly days go by when we’re doing absolutely nothing. Hilton Head has become our second home just as Mexico has become yours and Marla’s. And with continued good health, perhaps it will be our second home for a long long time.

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