The secret to a happy marriage(?) . . . go shopping

m and r at brahminphoto handbagsAs Marla and I near the completion of our first 44 years of married life together, each of us has been asked what our secret is. First, I can assure you that I have absolutely no idea how Marla responds to this question. Furthermore, I wouldn’t attempt a guess. To a large extent, marital bliss is based upon good fortune . . . being lucky enough to cross paths with one’s soulmate. In our case, it can probably be traced back to our respective reactions to our first (“blind”) date. I was immediately struck by two characteristics that Marla exuded, namely kindness and the best sense of humor I’d ever encountered. She could make me laugh when I was 22, and she can make me laugh now that I’m . . . older than 22. For Marla’s part, she returned from our first date and told her mother, “I’ve just met the nicest boy.” Did I mention that Marla also is keenly perceptive? 

Move ahead 44 years, and I think you’ll see two people who are still very much in love with one another. I certainly use my ballot to vote in the affirmative. While we give one another plenty of space, each of us supports the other’s interests. For example, Marla is always aware of my need to feed a longtime addiction to bad golf. There have been times when I am lacking a partner. She is kind enough to sit in the golf cart next to me while I play a round (I’ve never played around). Sure, she reads her Kindle the entire time, but I know she is rooting for me. To repay this kindness, I join Marla for two of her favorite activities: pedicures and shopping. For those men who guffaw at the idea of a man getting his feet massaged, my response is simple: try it! There are reasons that women live longer than men, and pedicures are right at the top of the list. There is nothing quite as close to heaven as a good foot and leg massage (Note: I do draw the line at getting my toe nails painted … although, orange polish is tempting). The other activity–shopping–is a bit more of a sacrifice. Marla and her sister, Rayna, have a predilection to shop. If the two are not the most proficient shoppers in the world, I’d love to meet the ones who are. Watching the two of them at work is not only educational, it’s downright inspiring. And, did I mention that Marla is the funniest woman on the planet(?). Well, Rayna is not far behind. I never fail to leave one of their forays without several hearty laughs . . . okay, and a pair of sore shoulders. You see, my role is to carry their booty and to check for imperfections in the merchandise. 

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Hopefully, by viewing these two (attached), you’ll understand why I’m a very happy guy.

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4 Comments on “The secret to a happy marriage(?) . . . go shopping

  1. Mark, I LOVE this post! I know you were crazy about Marla from the start, but of course, that’s not really enough. It sounds as though you both also have a deep commitment to flexibility and supportiveness. My husband is quite ready to go shopping with me and has also learned the value of a massage (I’m not so into the pedicures). Now if I could just nudge him into some bad golf….

    • Becky, it seems Paul has captured the essence. Don’t fret over his reticence to adopt golf. Perhaps curling is his passion. I’m told some men have a predilection for brooms.

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