One of my highlights

This past Friday, I had one of the highlights of my years as a writer. Thirty-six hours prior, the terrific publisher, George Geers, approved my seventh book–“Whacked”–for publication this coming spring. That alone would have kept me warm through the cold spell that has hit New Hampshire. However, this proved to be chapter one. I arrived at Concord’s beautiful book store, Gibson’s, for a presentation and book signing. Immediately, good things began to happen. First, a number of old friends dropped by to support me. They were followed by an audience of strangers, mystery fans who wanted to learn more about this gently aging tale spinner from Plymouth. Speaking to an audience of attentive people is like a dream for a writer, and this group was absolutely superb. They listened, asked intelligent/challenging questions, and were in no rush to leave. Their actions would have been sufficient to make this a memorable evening. But, then, those strangers (and some friends) in attendance began to approach me with books to sign. Anyone who does this to a writer deserves a reward: perhaps a ticket to heaven, a ride in a space shuttle, a get-out-of-jail-free card. Nothing would be too good for those patrons of the arts. A number of those in attendance have known me for 20, 30, or more years. Their past support and friendship have never been subject to sunset laws. For those people to leave their houses on a miserable night was extra special. I’ve been fortunate to experience a number of wonderful times as a writer, but this one takes the proverbial cake. To each of you who supports my work, I am forever grateful. Hopefully, the best is stillgibsons2 gibsons1 to come.

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