About Mark Okrant

Mark Okrant is an author and professor emeritus of tourism management at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. He has conducted tourism research in South Dakota, New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska, Canada, Romania, and Puerto Rico, and is past president of a leading global organization for tourism researchers, the Travel and Tourism Research Association. Mark writes the weekly NH Travel Guru column for InDepthNH.org, and has been a guest writer for El Coqui, a tourism magazine in western Puerto Rico.

“Mark Okrant does an outstanding job of creating a mystery that takes place at an actual resort…his books blend quality writing, believable characters, proficient plot building…not to mention the scenery.”
J.L. Campbell, author and humorist

Mark Okrant (2011): “My niche in the world of mystery writing is to place my lead character, Kary Turnell, in a position to work crime scenes at historic resort hotels. As an author, having the opportunity to be a guest guest at all four of New Hampshire’s grand hotels: The Balsams, Mount Washington, Mountain View Grand, and Wentworth by the Sea, has been a wonderful experience for me—and a terrific way to kick off this new series.”